Introduction to DelFi

What is DelFi Finance?

DelFi simplifies staking with the most liquid cryptocurrencies and provide with the highest yield available on the market while adapting to daily liquidity needs of the different pools.

Why was DelFi created?

The Defi space in general can be very cumbersome and quite confusing to many, especially to those of us that are new to Defi but not necessarily to cryptocurrencies itself. DelFi aims to simplify this process by creating a seamless and streamlined process in staking your assets to earn the highest APY in the simplest and safest manner within the DelFi ecosystem.
DelFi was launched to create a truly sustainable, yet beneficial model that would ensure the longevity of the DELFI ecosystem that allows for DelFi to adapt and evolve with the defi space in general. Allowing for high yield opportunities and ensuring that the DELFI ecosystem continues to evolve and adapt, DELFI aims to be the vanguard in decentralized finance.

What are DELFI tokenomics?

Circulating supply at launch: 0, no pre-mine or allocation to team or anyone else, everyone has equal opportunity to purchasing, staking, claiming DELFI tokens from Day 1
DELFI has a total lifetime supply of 256,000,000 and 0 circulating supply at launch Contract address:

What is the future of DelFi?

Over the coming months, DelFi will be releasing several Yieldex (Yield Index) suite of products that will provide for different levels of growth and risk for each. The pools will be distinguished by the "members" (IE assets/coins in the pool), therefore there will be a Super Yieldex, which will have the highest quality (BTC, ETH etc) and liquidity available. DelFi will also have a Blue Chip Yieldex that will provide for the highest APY available in the entire defi space, which will automatically source and advise. Last but not least, DelFi will have its own Stablecoin Yieldex that will provide for low risk high APY returns. The inclusion of new coins will be presented to the community and will be voted on by the DelFi Community, votes will take into account weighted by the amount of DELFI tokens being held at time of the vote.
DELFI holders will be able to receive discounts when borrowing and earn premium when lending funds on the DelFi.Finance Ecosystem. The bonus that DELFI token holders will earn will be from an additional 10% to 30% with occasional super bonus days that will come out in random.
Yield generation in the defi space will morph in many different ways and thus gas prices going higher is something that DelFi will combat by introducing new ways of overcoming this obstacle in the near future. DelFi will continuously monitor the space for new developments, thus evolving and adapting, yet always leading in the evolution of DeFi.
As the defi space grows and new ways of earning yield are discovered, DelFi will be there again to simplify the process of generating the highest yields possible while preserving your assets.
Last modified 2yr ago