Staking & Earning

How do I Stake?

To stake with DelFi, simply connect your wallet via the different wallet providers available and choose the pool you want to stake with. When you’ve chosen the particular pool, click on the stake button and enter the amount you want to stake.

How do I Claim my rewards?

To claim your rewards, you need to ensure that your wallet is connected. When you click on the claim button, it will bring the drop down box that will show you the amount of DELFI you have earned and therefore can withdraw or re-stake if you wish.

Can I unstake at any time?

Yes, you can stake or unstake at any given time. You can stake for as long as you like, however, when you unstake your tokens prior to vesting period, you only earn the prorated amount based on the number of days you staked your tokens.

What is a Lock-Up/Vesting period?

Unlike all other Defi projects, DelFi allows for the vesting of your DELFI tokens and thus gives you 30 days to fully vest your tokens at a rate of 3.3333% per day. If you choose to withdraw your tokens earlier than the 30 day vesting period, then you will be rewarded with the equivalent to how many days you were staked for.

Are there any fees?

DELFI stakeholders will allocate a 20% membership due from all DELFI token yields earned on the platform. These membership dues will allow for the DelFi ecosystem to continuously maintain and ensure the sustainability of the platform to continue to perform by providing robust, yet simplified solutions to earning the highest staking rewards.
By being a DelFi member, you are able to take advantage of the discounts from the platform when borrowing, and earn additional premiums when lending your assets to other borrowers! A membership due has never been more rewarding!